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CATCORNER is the most out-and-out way to get into top B- school. Students will be learning under the guidance of 25+ years of experienced and well-known faculty. It aims to produce a distinct personality rather than a part of the throng.

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Ensure High Percentile in Verbal Ability/Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude by following our Score Builders.

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Because with us, sky is the limit for your dreams.

Online learning can not deprive one to
get into IIMs and other prominent top 50 B-Schools of India.​ One halt to assure elite career.

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Accomplished Results

Mansi Agarwal

Harshita Nagaich


Our mentors are the ones who keep us going through the tough times. Girish sir and Abhijeet sir were a blessing in my CAT preparation and I cannot thank them enough. Their teaching methodology coupled with the determination to see the student succeed is tremendous. I never would have thought of achieving this much but they made me believe in myself which not only helped in my preparation but also shaped my personality in unimaginable ways. I would anyday recommend catcorner for the students aiming for MBA and I'll always be thankful to the faculty for my success.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Catcorner for putting in all the efforts and being a constant mentor. Mr. Gireesh Parker, you're the epitome of what a teacher can be. You were by my side every single day. Thank you for seeing someone in me that I must have missed.

Anupam Sharma

Secured 99.7%ile in CAT'20

Secured 97.22%ile in CAT'20


Anuj Singh Bhadoriya

Secured 99.55%ile in CAT'21

Without the help of Girish sir and Abhijeet sir, I would not have been able to achieve my goal. Catcorner combines the right mix of experience and innovative pedagogy to bring structure to your cat preparation. As far as I can tell, many institutions just provide one or two disciplines to attract students; nevertheless, Catcorner has the best faculty available. It's either VARC, DILR, or QUANTS. The greatest approach to achieve your goal is via practice, and that is just the mantra here, which will prepare you to perform at your best in all management-related tests.


Secured 97.25%ile in CAT'21

My time at Catcorner has been a pivotal experience for me. As my decision for MBA came a little late, I was skeptical about the hows of the preparation. Be it the classes, one on one sessions with Gireesh sir, or strategy forming with Gireesh sir and Abhijeet sir, their contribution to my preparedness for the exams was enormous and that skepticism turned into confidence and resolve.
I am really thankful for the way Gireesh sir was able to understand my psychology and allowed me to do things my way while giving me input whenever deem it necessary. These 4 months with Catcorner allowed me to gain the experience, learnings, and the self-awareness to help me with my goals.


Shashank Singh Kushwah

Secured 96.75%ile in CAT'21

There are no shortcuts to success except getting a mentor. At Catcorner, I did not only get teachers but also the mentors that walked me through each and every stage of my preparation. 
Girish Sir was always available to assist us with non-academic issues and mental stress that students encounter during their preparation.
Weekly tests, interactive classes, and abundance of material available online made the preparation process smooth and helped me achieve a reasonably good result.

CAT - 2020


Deeksha Gabra

95.15%ile in CAT'20

Janhavi Wagh

86.05%ile in CAT'20

Abhishek Shrivastava

81%ile in CAT'20

Paras Shivhare

81.7%ile in CAT'20


Pradhyumn Agrawal

96.73%ile in CAT'21


Sanket Nikhra

88.04%ile in CAT'21

CAT - 2021


Ragini Soni

89.13%ile in CAT'21


Vidhi Pal

88.56%ile in CAT'21


Kunal Kalani

86.61%ile in CAT'21


Anuj Khare

86.01%ile in CAT'21


Ravindra Tyagi

88.30%ile in CAT'21


Arin Agrawal

82.69%ile in CAT'21



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Hey Guys,
I have been under the guidance of Gireesh Sir for the last 3 years, he is the reason behind my success in this breathtaking examination. VARC has been a tough section to nail down and to be score 99.9 %ile in it, was always a dream come true for me. The training given by Gireesh sir to formulate and reach out to the correct answers was the main reason behind me attempting RC with 100% accuracy on the D-Day. I am hugely indebted to Abhijeet Sir for the continuous motivation and doubt clearing sessions taken by him for LR-DI. I wish all the very best to all the aspirants and would comply with my own experience that you are in best hands to get trained for this examination.

IIM KASHIPUR - 99.87%ile VARC in CAT'19

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